Temporary Hot Water

Acumen Mobile Hot Water

The Acumen Mobile Hot Water Unit is designed  and built to provide a wide range of temporary hot water solutions and to offer a reliable answer to a wide range of temporary hot water and emergency hot water supply requirements, we can supply mobile hot water for corporate events, marquees and field kitchens, high capacity, temporary hot water for mobile showers, welfare facilities and washrooms, temporary hot water construction projects and an emergency hot water supply for disaster recovery projects.

Safe, environmentally friendly hot water

For prestigious events where a constant, reliable, temporary hot water supply is the standard that is expected the Acumen Mobile Hot Water Supply Unit has the capacity, the efficiency and the qualities required to meet those standards.

  • Temporary Kitchens and Mobile Kitchens
  • Marquees and Pavilions
  • Mobile Shower and Toilet Units
  • Welfare Units for large Construction Projects
  • Prestigious and Corporate Events
  • Military Temporary Buildings and Facilities
  • Events and Show Hot Water

The Acumen Temporary Hot Water Unit is the perfect hot water solution for kitchens and catering facilities at events and show, corporate events, exhibitions and weddings and parties where a reliable source of constant hot water is requied.

Our mobile water heating units are driven to site, set up by skilled engineers and plumbed directly into the water supply for your temporary kitchen, welfare unit or shower/restroom, we bring you industry leading tempoary hot water at your location.

Economical and environmentally friendly, we only heat the water you use, no waiting to fill tanks with hot water (and then paying for gas to keep them up to temperature), no spluttering, gurgling, low powered, unreliable electric water heaters and no accident waiting to happen, miniature electric boilers taking up valuable worktop space.

No Legionella risk, our systems do not store hot water, they deliver fresh, constant temperature hot water.

Reliable temperature control, if you dial up 45C water temperature you get water at 45C, stay safe and stay within the recommendations of the Code of Practice for Safe Water Temperatures.

Our portable water heating unit is powerful, it delivers constant hot water at the temperature that you choose and preset in huge quantities but is uses less energy than a conventional water heating system because it simply (but powerfully), instantly heats only the water that you need.

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