Emergency & Temporary Hot Water Supply Hire

Acumen the pioneers and leaders in temporary hot water supply throughout the UK

Temporary Hot Water and Mobile Hot Water

Acumen the temporary hot water specialists offer a range of portable hot water units for sale or hire, from extremely high performance trailer mounted emergency hot water trailers to trolley based mobile hot water units with integrated gas supplies that can be wheeled on to site by a single operator.

We install and service instant hot water units, environmentally friendly, economical hot water solutions for industry, commercial and agricultural applications.

The Acumen mobile, temporary hot water supply utilises the very latest Tankless Water Heating Technology allowing us to produce up to 30 gallons of hot water per minute continuously on site at your location.

In other words a continuous, reliable, piping hot water supply delivered where you need it, when you need it and for how long you need it.

Our purpose built, rapid deployment unit is delivered to site, installed and set up by experienced, well trained, highly qualified technicians who have the experience, the expertise and the qualifications to connect, quickly, safely and efficiently to your local services.

Acumen have a wealth of experience in the field of specifying, installing and upgrading, modifying or repairing commercial and industrial heating and hot water systems. We will be happy to quote you for repairs to the main boiler or plant which has failed you.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of heating and hot water technology and you can be sure of expert advice when it comes to specifying and installing environmentally friendly and cost efficient hot water and heating solutions.

The Acumen mobile hot water service is available wherever you may need a temporary hot water supply.- restaurant, hotel, nursing home, hospital, clinic, school, college or university building, food production unit or apartment building where the water heating system has gone down and an immediate requirement for hot water exists.

For corporate events we can tow our purpose designed and built vehicle onto site and have an economical and environmentally friendly portable supply of hot water direct to your rest room, catering unit or marquee.

Using the very latest microprocessor technology we can preset the temperature (no scalding hot water) and if the need arises we can even preset the volume of hot water delivered - all of this in an attractive, compact and convenient unit which we tow to your location and hook up anywhere in the UK.

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